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The only reason I’m posting so much is probably because this is so new and I’m having so much fun. Also, school’s almost over and Diana Li found the time to write out all those “I like you because…” on facebook, I’m going to pretend I have the time to write all these out. Even though I gave myself 12 hours from 11 AM to start my Chem presentation and now it’s 3.

How to salvage myself from the wreck I’ve become Junior Year:
-ALC: nothing I can do except hope Dr. Herbert writes a good rec (since all rewrites were due already)
-English: nothing to do but hope I did well on the June Project
-Math: Study for Tuesday test!!! And Final!
-USH: Since I got a B+ on the movie paper and messed up on that quiz (and even messed up cheating. the question was about the sunbelt and I copied something about carter. OH I HOPE SHE DOESN’T PENALIZE ME 😦 ) I NEED TO DO WELL ON THE FINAL
-Chem: Presentation. I guess I’m lucky Frances is going on my day so I only need to present 20 minutes, but Dr. Sharma already thinks I’m annoying and my presentation sucks…so I really need to make it good
(GOD IS GOOD! I almost didn’t get to borrrow my book, but I ran from Little Neck to Douglaston just in time)

-Weight-loss: GO TO BALLY NOW
-Friends: It’s too late =P I have no friends.
JK–but not really. I wish I had gotten to know the amazing seniors like Benji and Sho more. *shrug* Also the amazing people in our grade. *shrug shrug shrug* No regrets since I still have amazing friends like Sisi.
I hope they don’t put mean stuff about me in the yearbook next year. I wouldn’t mind being unknown, but being known as a weirdo would be bad.
Extracurriclars: I need to write a book or win a Nobel Prize

Weekend Plans: Get that stuff done (^) so I can bake with Winnie tomorrow!!!