This is the beginning of the end; the start of something new is always the end of something else, isn’t it?
Carnival was yesterday and as we held each other’s hand–me grasping your arm tightly so you wouldn’t trip on your flip-flops–and screamed 2011! Shark Kent! because we’re going to be seniors I wished the moment would stop in time.

I’ve always wondered what the present really is. The past just seems to keep growing–memories get heftier and the clock keeps ticking–but the present ┬áis always out of reach.

I want our memories to be tangible.
I want us to be there for each other always.
If I share my deepest thoughts and memories, will you share yours?

[[inspired by–former hunterites; connie being royce’s sister]]
but really, this is sisterhood 2.0 (our version of the vlogbrothers)

Sisi, if you want to add to this first post–please do!