I think I’m done with my standardized testing.

I said I’d be totally honest with you, so here I go.
You don’t need to read the history of my Collegeboard experience…but yea.

I started thinking about SATs last year–I remember that when I did, I thought I was already too late. (Looking back now, I still kind of think so. I mean, today there was a middle school kid taking an SAT II in my room.) Even though we took Bio in 9th grade, I didn’t know to take the SAT II so I didn’t take it in June (well, considering I didn’t study for the Regents either, I probably wouldn’t have studied for the SAT II) and my mom signed up for me to take Bio classes but I didn’t go to most of the classes because I was on vacation. So when I took it in October, I only got 710. And that’s only because I was lucky and crammed some of the systems that were on the test. If you asked me about the digestive/circulatory/respiratory/reproductive systems now I’d be like o.0 (Really. Even after so many years of health I still don’t know the reproductive systems.)

I don’t think I thought about SATs a lot after that. I don’t know why I thought 10th grade was a breeze academic year (maybe when I write an entry about it I’ll remember) but I signed up to take the Chem SAT II because I saw that Yi was studying for it…and I ended up not taking the test because I wasn’t ready.

Last summer was CYI and SAT prep and John Liu. In theory, I’m still jealous that you had a job and Vivien had her lab work. But in reality…I was doing something and I had fun so I shouldn’t be jealous. But my mind thinks differently.

Beginning of this year, I took the SATII for Chinese. I don’t think many people know this, but that’s because I got a 790. Considering an 800 is the 56th percentile, I think that means I’m a certified idiot. I don’t like that my Chinese is getting so bad, but I do nothing about it.

It’s pretty dumb that I took SAT prep in the summer but didn’t take the SATs until March. Michael Ren (stuy guy) was the one who told me the March curve was easiest. MY BUTT. Three questions wrong and I got a 2310. Whatever. (Still, I like to think that if I took it in October I would’ve gotten at least a 2350 like Justin)

In May I took the Chemistry one and got  an 800 by God’s grace.

Today I took the Math SATII. I’m sick because I got sick from the heat (I know, it’s weird), and it got worse because we got wet at Carnival. So I went to bed really early last night and woke up at 4 because of the damn heat. Didn’t even study–just facebooked and lounged. Then, on the car ride over to Great Neck North I realized I sooooo wasn’t ready. It’s dumb, though, because I crammed a bunch of stuff about matrices and statistics and  they obviously weren’t on the test. I left two questions blank and I didn’t know a bunch of answers. I didn’t have enough time. I spent way too much time being annoyed at my incompetent proctor and rereading the questions a million times to make sure I knew what they were asking.
I fear not getting an 800 because I don’t want to restudy everything.

But yea. I’m done 🙂
I took the AP Chem this year but not the AP Lit/Lang just because I don’t really understand what APs are for. I’m going to have to take an English class in college anyway…so way waste the $80 and all those hours of studying to take a test?
I’m pretty sure my philosophy won’t change next year, so I don’t think I’m going to take any APs next year either.