I went to New Hyde Park today. I guess I missed being around people my age. We slept somewhat during the sermon due to the heat, stood, clapped, partook in Communion, prayed, talked, laughed 🙂 I felt missed, but more so, I felt included.

Then I went to Winnie’s house and I realized she’s not as all-out as I thought. She’s artsy and amazing, yes–learning guitar, going to an FIT program again for summer, taking AP art and was doing an oil pastel project, amazing at piano, likes good music and the Beatles, etc. But she’s also an A-student, a great sister, a good friend who cares about her friends, a good person who cares about the world, and she listens in church–probably more than I do.

We baked homemade cupcakes together and watched some National Geographic thing about Quantay and the dumb white lady who helped him escape jail.

I love Winnie(:

sighh…apparently it’ll take a year’s salary to pay for a year of tuition.