I didn’t sleep til 1 AM last night. It’s because I do my best work when everyone else is sleeping.

Nonetheless/Thus, I was really tired today. But guess what? I think my Chem presentation is going to be okay, at least I hope it will be. It’s still not done, though. D’oh!

I gave Mr. Randolph a cupcake for his birthday ūüôā
He told me Mr. Zegers been saying good stuff about me.
(yea…kinda regretting asking Dr. Herbert for a rec instead of Zegers)

And he thought I was just a dumb girl, but I’m not.
(Yea…backhanded slap. It’s okay.)

I only got a 93 on the June project even though Lewis worked really hard on it (I’ll admit, it was all him. All of it was all other people) and I worked really hard on the presentation. But apparently going over the 10 min. time limit costs 7 points.

Umm…longass chorus rehearsal– but I hope it’s worth it at concert tomorrow.
Then I talked with Cornea during lunch while studying USH.
I wish you two would be friends again so it wouldn’t seem weird.

Vivien presented in Chem  and OMG how come Dr. Sharma loves her so much? >.<
I think it’s because she knew Vivien ¬†from the beginning as the Chem Olympiad girl. And then the girl who beasted the Chem final. And the girl who does labwork at Rockefeller.
I guess it mostly annoys me because I’ve been talking with Dr. Sharma a lot (when the rest of the class dismisses her because she’s a passive sub) ¬†but I’m still not amazing in her eyes. ~just mediocre.

In other news! I DON’T HAVE A B- IN ALC ANYMORE<3 Thank you, love.

Also! I think Vivien is coming to Coney Island with us on Thursday. Yee! Hope it’s fun.


And, and, and…Harvard sent me mail and now I want to get in >.<
I also got my new Bible in the mail but I don’t like it cuz it doesn’t have margins to write LOLs in.

I don’t know why I kept telling you to read this, Sisi.
I’ve wasted the past hours watching Bones, eating dinner, and watching rainie yang