🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 see? no need to worry about grade right?

I don’t know. The thing about Cornea… like i feel so used sometimes because after our whole ush thing, she only talked to me when she needed pictures for carnival….like DUDE. we don’t say a word now to each other during ush probably cause it brings back bad memories. and like she’s closer with like emma and tess and judy now from like outside school stuff and just bonding over starbucks. i dont even sit next to her anymore cause everything just seems so forced you know? like, why bother trying to mend it if it wasn’t even all that worthwhile in the first place? no thats a lie. our friendship WAS fun and worth preserving but at the same time, with all these things happening like the SATs and college and the summer and like me feeling too passive to do anything, like why bother? thats just my mentality now anyways… i hope i dont regret saying any of this in the future

i mean, when we talk in a group, she doesnt even look at me and when we’re alone, she either gets up and leaves to talk to someone else or just reads or keeps herself busy. i dont know. maybe im just wrong and dont see her side of the story but it takes two people to mend a relationship and it seems like right now, im riding solo.

i guess whe i saw u today with her, i got a little jealous, i’ll admit it. i know, im stupid. but i was just afraid that u had more fun with her and told her stuff that i didnt know. i know, it’s selfish of me to keep u all to myself 😉 so it’s cool, i’ve accepted it and moved on lol

and the whole vivien thing, are u even going into the med field or chem/bio field in the future? im assuming the answer is no, and so…why bother feeling bad about something that won’t even matter in a couple more years? 🙂