I can’t believe u’ve already got up 7 posts. damn woman. ur too efficient for ur own good.

unlike you, for the past 2 hours, I’ve been on youtube and allkpop watching korean variety shows and female body builders (that was only one video and it was on the suggested list and looked funny xD but nevertheless, what the heck do they want to look like THAT?! anywho, i shall now judge)

Ur chem presentation will be fine šŸ™‚ ur gonna rock their socks off, just saying. besides, i dont think ur teacher is that hard of a grader from what i heard about her being nice and stuff

“I guess I just thank God I have a sister in Sisi.”

woman we’re too peas in a pod. two musketeers ’cause the other one’s melted. two homies from the same hood.


winter concert tomorrow so get psyched!!!! its gonna be another girl’s night out…kinda lol but still, almost 2 hours to chill before showtime ā¤ FOOD ANYONE? (yes, anyone’s referring to you, christine)

i need to study for math…and rewrite english…and prepare june project presentation…BUT WE’RE GOING SHOPPPING WEDNESDAY AND HITTIN THE BEACH ON THURSDAY AND IF I’M NOT BAILING THEN U BETTER NOT EITHER OR I SWEAR TO GOD CHRISTINE, I’LL JEOPARDIZE UR FUTURE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW (yes, i know that sentence is redundant) ;P

p.s. i realize im gonna be blogging as though talking to you over email or aim so bare with me :3