[Please add your thoughts to this, Sisi.]

Most people also don’t know this: before seventh grade, my mom and I went to the Hunter Spring Concert. I remember seeing little-Filip and little-Abby and Donald (who wasn’t little, even back then). We went because my mom wanted me to try out for the viola part in orchestra. Obviously, I didn’t make it. But by luck/coincidence, we talked to Ms. Beaudry and I got into Junior Chorus. It’s been part of my schedule since then.

I’m surprised Junior Chorus people (like Kyra Button, Thea–our Big Sib–‘s sister…it’s a small world) remember I was secretary. I remember: My name’s Christine, I’m not that mean, I like the color green, so vote for me, and I’ll give you candy. That was ninth grade too. I remember because I went to debate right after that horrid speech.

ANYHOO. Tonight was the concert. First concert after Mr. Crouch left. Last concert with Ms. Quigley (she’s getting married).

Never forget: Benji, Sho, Maia (blueberry muffin! even if she didn’t like that I remembered), Stop (Spice Girls), Unwritten (and the look of Benji’s face while singing it, and Sho’s voice), Lonesome Road, Yule Log, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Lord Bless.

Only regret: not having the time to know people longer (going home with Daniel, I was jealous how many people he knows)

<<end of Christine>>

I supposed this is where I need to add to Christine’s part.

I think I’m officially in love with Sho’s voice 😉 It’s so calm and steady, and dude, he can effortlessly REACH the goddamn notes.

I loved watching Ms. Quigley’s face when she was conducting. Like everytime she smiled, I would want to smile too (I know, it’s bad for diction, but still…).

I wish the audience was more receptive, or maybe they were just so AWED by our singing that they didn’t know that they were supposed to clap. But there were these couple of people that sat there staring with an unimpressed/bored expression…let’s not dwell on them lol

I’m going to miss the seniors, ’cause without them, chorus is definitely not going to be as fun. The guys are gonna be screwed xD and so will the altos without maia and the sopranos without lindsey. We’ll get there eventually but for now, there are so many uncertainties about the future of choir. 😦

I wish that when the seniors were giving their speeches, I could actually say that I made a difference in their lives. But really, I didn’t ’cause none of us were really close, or talked to each other for that matter. Except Maia. I heart Maia. I’m going to miss that goddamn girl.

Walking home in the dark was nice. I was alone at 11:45pm and it felt nice. I wish I could walk on forever (if only my feet weren’t tired from the heels, there wasn’t a threat of rapists/muggers, I had someone there with me (YES CHRISTINE, THIS MEANS YOU, and my mom wasn’t already freaking out that I wasn’t home yet).

I hope that one night, we can both walk to the beach in the dark and play with the water. Start a bonfire or something. Actually, get a lot of people and sing to guitars under the moon and stars. No, I’m not a hippie.

Or maybe visit Times Square when all the lights come on. Or get on a Ferris Wheel and see all of Brooklyn at night. Or take the train and talk from one end of the train stops to the other. Or stay up until 3 in the morning at someone’s place youtubing or making videos or watching movies and eating popcorn or playing Truth or Dare or some girly-ass game that teen books always talk about. Or go clubbing and dancing until our feet hurt.

College–how I long for you <3.

(I know, my rant has diverged from the title of this post ;P)