concert choir with ms quigley

paul handorff

Today felt like the last day of school.

I can’t handle the seniors leaving–I hate that I don’t have the chance to get to know them better.
Today I wanted to take a picture with Paul but couldn’t muster the courage to ask him. Kept stalling in the math room, drawing those taboo cards (which I kinda now regret because they might be inaccurate/mean). Then followed him to physics room…Sisi/Kaiying had to ask him to come out but then I hid in Greenspan’s physics room. BLEH
SIGHHHH. I tend to do this. When I really care about someone I’m actually meaner to them.

Sisi bought her dress at Soho (Necessary Clothing)–the one in the picture but white on top with white, pink, green ruffles. YOU SHOULD UPLOAD A PICTURE.

I want to do all those things you said in the last post, but they need to happen naturally. Definitely stuff we should do in college though.

I’m watching this 90s movie called Everyone’s Doing It about high school kids and abstinence. It’s funny that the actors look older than the characters they’re supposed to portray. And it’s just really funny in general how awkward the school’s trying to get the kids to sign pledge cards and stuff while all the kids are super horny and make out all the time.

Sisi, have you ever kissed anyone? I’m a lip virgin.
I’m also a hug virgin–I can’t think of the last hug I had with a guy that was memorable.