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The Wind-up Bird and Tuesday’s Women

  • Random phone call from a lady who wants to talk for 10 min
  • Looking for the cat in the alley
  • Random Teenage girl

The Second Bakery Attack

  • Once, the guy tried to rob a bakery, but it only half-worked because the owner let him take as much bread as he wanted if he just listened to some classical music
  • Now, the guy and his wife can’t sleep ‘cuz they’re hungry. The wife suggests they go hold-up a bakery and she brings a gun and ski masks (o_O). They can’t find a bakery so they settle for a McDonalds and get 30 Big Macs.

The Kangaroo Communique

  • Weirdest one: Some person working in sales or something writing a reply love/sex letter to someone who wrote a complaint letter to the company about a record.

On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning

  • Nice and short; a love story about the perfect couple that forgot each other and pass each other by one day. And, if you reread it, it’s one of those cool cyclic stories.


  • One of my favorites: about a housewife with a  routine life who hasn’t slept for the past 17 days because she doesn’t get tired–but with that extra time, she reads books and gains 1/3 of her life back. Ends weirdly though.

The Fall of the Roman Empire, the 1881 Indian Uprising, Hitler’s Invasion of Poland, and the Realm of Raging Winds

  • Not as random as it sounds: It’s how he jots notes for his diary. To every meaningful act, its own system. Whether the wind blows or not, that’s the way I live.


  • The story behind why her mom left her dad. It’s really a story about nothing since it’s an unreceived gift.

Barn Burning

  • The girl he meets finds a boyfriend in Africa who doesn’t get drunk, likes to get high, and burns barns. But he never sees which one.

The Little Green Monster

  • Short weird story: Something from within you comes out, and you can control it with your thoughts. It tells you it loves you, but you torture it until it’s nothing anyway. I like it because it’s such an interesting thing to write about–I just don’t know why you’d kill something that loves you and can’t really harm you since you always wield power over it.

Family Affair

  • The brother who’s relationship with his sister changes because of her fiance.

A Window

  • I don’t even remember

TV People

  • midgets who bring in a TV but no one notices -.-

A Slow Boat to China

  • the 3 or 4 chinese people he met in japan

The Dancing Dwarf

  • …who went inside of him and helped him get a girl, but also made him on the police search list

The Last Lawn of the Afternoon

  • lawn mower 19 year old who does  a meticulous job

The Silence

  • don’t remember

The Elephant Vanishes

  • exactly what the title says.

(yea. i obviously got lazy in the end. to be honest, i don’t like his stories as much as his novels just because the stories are so crazy. the novels are probably just as crazy, but when you get immersed in the book, at least the plot makes sense in context)