But Sisi effin Huang you better tell me about your day too

(oh the irony. i wrote that 4 hours ago so i have no right to yell at your lack of focus and whatnot)

My day:

  • slept at 1 after doing my nails
  • walked halfway to flushing
    • freaked out because i thought my flight was next friday; that would mean:
        • parents wouldn’t let me go to paul’s concert
        • i wouldn’t be able to do the body worship at church
        • i wouldn’t be able to dragonboat ever again
        • i wouldn’t go to chinese graduation
    • found out it’s actually 6/30
  • bought quickly’s with kaiying again. drank 30 ounces of liquid and tapioca and jelly -___-
    • you’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN. it’s easy, tiring but not really, and so fun (besides the dirty water). there are cute guys, and the team work makes you feel (:
      “one=ready position, two=row/push paddle perpendicular to the green water…listen to tony, no, listen to george…BRAKE/rest paddle”
  • ate at karen’s restaurant. yumyum rice in chicken thingee and kimchi dumplings and scallion/seafood pancake
  • went to karen’s house and played ddr and stuff.
    • jealous that she learned to play piano by herself =x
    • amazed that her gpa is so high and hope we can go to upenn together so i can talk with her more
  • ate more food and ice cream–i’m SUCH A FATTIE
  • found out you were having more fun than i was
  • played speed scrabble with stuy guy all night (creamed him again and again and again without effort because he’s so much slower than paul) and talked to paul

done before the day’s over.