Finally started teaching today and it was…amusing.

Nothing shows you how much you DIDN’T know than to have to teach first graders how to add and subtract by carrying and borrowing. I was like, “so u see this 4 here? It’s not actually just 4…its 40!” and the kids just nod along but have no idea what the freak i’m talking about. i know cause they do the next problems wrong… T.T FAIIIIIL MY LIFE

i hope they at least can do the homework…. and that i havent scared their mathematical foundations forever….lol

For the orientation for the patrolmen today, we let them play that game that we did in SLI last summer when everyone sat in a circle except one person and that person would say something about him or herself and people who had that in common would run to find another seat. it was like haha until some 18 year old goes “i like to walk around my house naked.” It was like a dot dot dot moment followed by uncontrollable laughter lol

tomorrow i get to go dress/skirt shopping so yeah ^^ not that im going to get any of it but whatevs… just fun to be out and about


 so me and my coworker went to Quickly’s today and the guys there thought we didn’t speak chinese so it went down like this…

me: [ordered some chicken]

some time passes and i decide to make the chicken at least a little bit spicy…

coworker: hey, can we make that chicken midly spicy?

then we waited for the chicken…

Guy worker #1: chicken’s ready!

Guy worker #2:  oh! give me! (i thought he was another customer who ordered chicken before us… -__-)

then he hands my coworker the chicken with a smile… (CREEEP!!!)

Guy worker #1: oh, zhe you shi ni de cai? (literally translates to “that’s also your dish?”… a.k.a. you dig that chick too?)

i stifle my laughter and my coworker walks out oblivious cause she speaks canto. she LAWLED so hard after i told what happened.

ah…the good life

ew…colleges keep sending me letters about campus visits and im like, SCREW U ALL I’M NOT FLYING ALL THE WAY TO SYRACUSE OR SOUTH CAROLINA FOR A GODDAMN VISIT ….

we should hit up Boston together to look at colleges when u get back. deal? DEAL. SWEEETNESSSS

u know what else is sweet? the tall one. ima let u guess who im talking about. we fought with clipboards today…i think the plastic one broke ahahaha