I have:

-Eaten innumerable peanutbutter&jelly sandwiches and sriracha sandwiches (the stuff goes well with any meat!)
[and thus gotten fat. i miss having doting mothers like ZhuoMa and  Candy to cook good food for me. I even miss the bad food from Chientan and the tour that I didn’t eat]

-uploaded pictures. of taiwan. but also of us from June. I swear, woman, a LOT of your pictures are uploaded by me. Can you pweaseeee do me a favor and tag them all?

-talked to a lot of people on AIM/fb/oovoo. Raymond Liu, Paul Handorff, Michael Chan, Raymond Yung on the car ride home from Winnie’s party, Jessica Chen (Franklin’s college gf), etc.

-napped. a lot.

-gone to an interview to work a temp job at the US Open. I got referred by my first interviewer–the first for her the entire day–and got clearance from her boss. They wanted me to be a server so I’d get tips and stuff. Sweet. And then they started talking about serving Bud Light and regular beer and I had to tell them I wasn’t 21 yet. sighhh. And thus I lost my job.

-researched a lot of stuff to do in the city. Lots of stuff I would’ve liked to do–Shakespeare in the Park, Taiwan movie/exhibit/show at the Queens Museum, Movie at Brooklyn Bridge–has ending already. Also, my parents aren’t letting em do a lot of stuff. And, almost everything is in the City and not in Queens. poo I wish we took advantage of the city more.

-raced at the Hong Kong Dragonboat Festival 8/8

-partied on a yacht for Winnie Yung’s 17th birthday 8/8 (but didn’t get to hang out with them afterwards as they wandered the late night City)

-read Matilda, The Twits, Esio Trot–because Raymond wanted me to read Roald Dahl’s BFG but my library didn’t have it. I wish a guy would love me so much he’d buy 140 tortoises<3
-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Dark Knight, Stranger than Fiction

Things I will do:

go to Woodbury Outlet tomorrow with Lewis, Alan, Jess

-go to CBD Saturday and Sunday

-sub at my church’s Summer Day Camp from 8/16-27

Things I haven’t done but need to do

-freaking hang out with you and do something amazing–like stalk Paul’s (yours) house and serenade him in the night

-start/finish college essay before 8/21 or my mom will whoop my ass
(dw. at least it won’t be my real one i submit)

-start/finish the calc packet

-exercise dammit

-starting reading real books.

-learn a song on piano