Now that work’s ended, I feel that summer’s come to an end lol

So on thursday, we had an end of year party with all the other workers and i just didnt want it to end :3 we played a “guess the song title and artist” game and an impromptu karaoke session. my TA, who was this kid with a mohawk from tech, tried to stick my phone’s memory card into his so that he could get one of our kids’ photo, and instead, killed my card and i lost all my music + photos -___-  i fixed it at home later though so haha dont know why im telling you this in the first place. but man, he kept flirting with me and even tried to get me into the bathroom to see his “six packs” O.O I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM THAT WELL…no worries, the maintenance guys pulled a prank on us that stopped him from actually taking me to the bathroom…which would have been mucho awkard…

Paul brought in a bottle of wine and we staff had a mini after party in our office. the wine tasted disgusting though haha, maybe cause the cork fell in after one of us tried to take it out by poking it with a pair of scissors. FAIIL we added spirite and it tasted a little better but still mad funky. paul was the only one who finished his cup xD

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL WAS CRAZY haha the maintenance pulled crazy pranks on us all day.

two of them walked into our room and poured milk on the floor and left a mop next to the table. they then threw a box on the floor that said “REVENGE. THE MILKMAN ALWAYS DELIVERS.” we were all like, “PAUL TSE, WHAT THE HELL DID U DO TO THEM??” xD

as revenge, we ran down to their room when they were upstairs handing out lunch and tried to duct tape their door. we tied a scary looking doll to the ceiling and the whole time we were laughing hysterically we couldnt do anything properly xD

but lo and behold, we forgot to unlock the door -____-” and so the maintenance walked in thru the other door in the back, which let them see our doll and duct tape from across the room. MAN, WE’RE RETARDED xD

so then, they tried to get back at us. we were all downstairs for “movie day” and we locked our office door in case they decided to do anything to our stuff but DANG IT, they somehow got into our room and BABY OILED ALL OUR LEATHER CHAIRS, then DUCT TAPED our bags to a chair leg and left with our scissors. we came back and were like, HOLY FRIGGING COW. HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET IN HERE?!?!

man, we gotta love them.

ooo, i learned to play mahjong!!! xDDDD 

can we please do something together?????? every time i call, ur sleeping T.T