you know how i keep saying that we need to explore nyc before we leave for college? yeah, like DUDEEEE lol

me and a chinese school friend went to seaport near the brooklyn bridge tonight and had dinner at uno’s. we got there at like 7:30 and everything was already starting to get dark and the wind was picking up a little. we chose a table outside on the pier and i saw the blue lights from the twin towers, skyscrapers with bright white lights, giant legit sailing ships, and the brooklyn, manhattan, and williamsburg bridges all around me xD

it reminded me of when i first came to ny on the plane and i looked out the window and i thought, holy shit, this IS the brightest place on earth xD

then we walked to the train station at like 9:30 next to the FDR drive and the brooklyn bridge and there were small trees, benches, and couples/families all along the walkway. it was SUCH a relaxing place. we HAVE TO DO IT TOGETHER one day in the near future lol if i ever get a boyfriend, ima make him take me there too haha and then have him walk me home xD

im sorry i called u so late. i was so afraid that u might have forgotten or something lol and i was debating whether i’d wake up ur parents and i was like, CRAPPPPPPPPPP haha

hopefully tomorrows gonna be an awesome adventure and even if we get lost on the way, at least we’ll have each other ❤