you’re not online and ur not replying to my texts, so im assuming your sleeping? 😀

senior years been pretty crappy for me, as you may know. calc and physics are killing me ever so slowly…and today’s calc test…lets just say i’ll be happy with an 80 ><

i love those texts you sent me ❤ ur such a creeper but ur so good at it lol i love how you just start a convo with kevin liu on the bus about colleges. why is it so easy for you to talk to people?? xD i just checked the UPenn website and i’ll find out whether i get into my dream college on Friday, December 10th at 3pm. A lot of people keep telling me that I got it in the bag, but um…not really. i am so worried that if i dont get into upenn early, i’m not going to get into any good college. my grades this year are sucking soooo bad that no colleges ever gonna want me ><

my moms coming back from china tomorrow afternoon. that means no more late night convos or homework cramming or chill sessions after schools with you peeps 😦 but on the other hand, without my mom constantly looking over my shoulders, i’ve slacked off…what am i to do in college? i cant stuff my mom in a suitcase and bring her with me >D not that i would want to…

he sang to me today on his guitar, except he forgot half the words cause he was trying to sing pop songs and we were sitting in the middle of columbus park, which is full of shady ass people at night, and we didnt want to attract any muggers xD

im not gonna see him in a while cause i need to get home now after work now that my moms back, which i guess is all for the best. i really need to prioritize and pull my grades up…SIGH WHY ME GODDAMN. all i want are some measly A minuses…IS THAT SO HARD?? xD okay, i’ll stop now