I’m glad to know you’re going to be okay; I’m even gladder that you’re wise and mature enough to know you’re okay.

[Context, for future Christine and future Sisi: Tonight at 8:48PM Sisi called me, crying because she had been in a fight with Mike because he had blocked her close friends on facebook and because everything was becoming overwhelming for her. It was a good 20 minute call, reminiscent of the time I had called her, crying, after wanting to run away from home.]

I’m here for you when you need me.

I totally don’t feel the way I felt when I wrote the Thanksgiving post anymore. So please forgive me if it makes you upset in any way. Although I typed what I felt were true, and like I said to you tonight, they have to get dealt with eventually, in the long-run, I think we’ll be fine.

Don’t you know you are my very best friend?