S: Did you see the video on the elderly Chinese man that was pulled off the United plane? He hit his head against the armrest when they pulled him out. He started bleeding and I think he was knocked out briefly as a result. The fact that he was an elderly Asian doctor who was trying to fly back to see his patients freaking makes my blood boil. How can they have the audacity to treat someone like this?

C: Watching the video now and the use of force was 100% unnecessary. I don’t get why United would not apologize. They didn’t apologize for [disallowing girls to board their plane for wearing leggings], which didn’t get physical but was still wrong. Why are they so afraid of apologizing?

S: Maybe to save face? I don’t know. They apologized for “overbooking.”

C: The CEO of United tweeted an apology for the incident, too, but not to the doctor.

S: Maybe apologizing means admitting that they were in the wrong. So at least now they can still try avoiding a lawsuit.

C: LOL. They are def getting sued. I didn’t realize apologizing was so hard for *corporations*, not even talking about them personally.

S: That last video of him coming back on teh plane saying he needed to go home was so sad.

C: Yes 😦 When he says “just kill me”…I can’t handle that.

S: And the face that no one would give up their seat so he could stay was so infuriating. LIKE NONE OF YOU GOTTA GO SAVE ANY LIVES OR HAVE BEEN SO HUMILIATED. GOSH HUMAN BEING SUCK.

C: I don’t think anyone knew the protocol but expected there to be one. Because we’re all autobots now.

S: @____@

C: Like the woman screaing “What are you doing?!” to the security men. They didn’t expect authorities to abuse their power.

S: He must have been so traumatized. And yea, we haven’t been taught what to do when we do catch authorities abusing their power.

C: CNN is reporting that United’s actions wre legal…but we know that doesn’t make them right.

S: Which is why it would be SO INFURIATING if United does get sued and there’s no real conseuqences because it was “legal”

C: Suing the corporation also may not directly affect the parties involved. It’s like a con of organized behavior. Teams are only as good as their weakest link, but weak links can always hide and ruin a great group

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C: They finally apologized :’)